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Yucca - a rather unpretentious house plant that can be grown in almost every apartment. Create the conditions for this flower is simple, and yucca grows in the home very well. It is interesting to tell you how to care for yucca. 
Yucca - is an evergreen plant, belongs to the family agavovyh. Earlier yucca belong to the subgenus dratsenovih lily family, but at the moment, this classification is not valid. In nature, yucca can bloom, but at home it is practically impossible to achieve because of the conditions. For development stems Jukka takes a long winter, which is created for plants sometimes just impossible because of certain circumstances. Therefore, if you have a home flowered yucca, assume that you have created ideal conditions for it, similar to the natural. Jukka: care in the home is very large and unpretentious flower yucca will not give you any trouble to care for him. For plants need very little: dry air and associated land. This exotic plant native to Mexico, where it is known, dominated the dry climate, so to hot air and a small amount of moisture yucca calmly. yucca grows in the home for a long time, so for a long time retains its decorative appearance. Yes, there are species of plants that reach a height of up to 2 meters, but because of its natural features of growth, Jukka takes a long time to reach that size. Of course, you can keep the house and other types of yucca, which reach a height of not more than 50 cm for Yucca must be well-chosen position in the room and the corresponding land. Yuka at home should be kept in a nutrient mixture. In this case, the bottom of the pot should pour a thick layer of drainage. Yucca loves the sun, so be sure to place your plant in the southern part of the apartment. But despite the fact that Yucca will be under the sun, he does not need too much water. In summer, water yucca can only once a week. In winter, the amount of watering can be reduced to once every 10 days. Feed the yucca can be one every 2-4 weeks. For this purpose, a common fertilizer for houseplants. Note that you only need feeding from May to September, ie a period of rapid growth of the plant. But in winter, the plant should not only be left alone, but also to make it cooler.The optimum temperature for overwintering plants will be 10 ° C. Yucca: reproductionyucca grows in the form of a tree - it has a trunk, from which the leaves grow. Adult yucca is very similar to a palm tree, but it is not. But yucca can be formed so that it is forked. To do this in the spring or early summer to cut the top of the plant. However, note that the height of the plants should be at least 30 cm length of the cut of the cutting should be about 5-10 cm also need to get on a plant that you cut, the leaves remain. The more leaves remain on the trunk of the yucca, the better for the plant.Slices plants necessarily sprinkle with powdered charcoal. Over time, the trunk will develop new shoots, but the stalks can be cut to root to get another plant. rooting plants for his first slice dried for 2 hours. Then cutting can be planted in a pot of moist sand or put in water with activated charcoal tablets. During the establishment of yucca in water the lower leaves of the cutting may rot, which will not only cause bad breath, but also can lead to rotting of the trunk. Pidgnivayuchi leaves should be carefully removed. When the handle will be the roots, it can be planted in the substrate. Yucca at home grows well from seed. If you decide to propagate yucca seeds, they should be easy to sow in Soil mixture consisting of turf, leaf soil and sand. Cover the pot with glass and ventilate each crop. The first shoots appear until a month after planting. much easier to propagate yucca with children that are separated from the mother plant and take root in the wet sand. But yucca can be propagated by the barrel. In this case, part of the trunk that was exposed, should be cut horizontally and put in the pot. Gently push the barrel to better contact with damp sand. Soon the trunk awaken dormant buds and give new shoots with roots. The barrel can be removed and cut into as many parts as the shoots.Every part of the trunk put in a separate pot.
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