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Losing weight after childbirth.  
Physiological norms of weight gain during pregnancy varies from 8 to 12 kg. Women recruited so many pounds after birth, usually, does not require correction of weight because extra pounds tend to go back to the time of delivery. However, in some women, weight gain during pregnancy can be up to 20 kg.  
So how do you lose weight? The first thing is to review some habits that interfere with a woman back in shape after having a baby:  
• The habit of overeating. It is believed that the quality of breast milk depends on the number of calories and the food that the mother consumes. But for the quality and quantity of milk the mother is responsible, the female hormone prolactin, so mom simply has to reconsider your diet, make it balanced.  
• eat up the baby. Mom should not do that, because the infant formula and porridge is very high in calories.  
• taste food during cooking. Very easy to get extra calories that are not needed stroyneyuschey mom.  
• Is the night. A woman should not eat less than 4 hours before going to bed. That is, if a woman goes to bed at 24 hours, the last meal will be on 20 hours. Compliance with these simple rules, plus a little exercise every day, surely help her lose weight and look beautiful slender mommy!
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