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Refusal of vaccination: causes and consequences.  
Today many parents, unfortunately, simply do not vaccinate their children. But, as it turned out, this is the second wave of mass rejection of grafts. His first came in the early 90-ies of the 20th century. By the end of 1980 from the official medicine departments of several "activists" who claimed that vaccines are extremely dangerous for children. The increase in infant deaths from diphtheria - this lamentable result of their antivaktsinalnoy propaganda. This is despite the fact that public vaccination was carried out while continuously. 
New, the second wave of mass rejection of vaccination swept Russia today. Parents unquestioningly believe in dubious arguments of opponents of vaccination, thereby exposing their children in mortal danger.  
ardent opponents of vaccination refer to the fact that the vaccines contain mercury, which is extremely dangerous to human health. And it is useless to argue with them, to prove that in fact at the moment completely stopped using mercury in the manufacture of vaccines, if earlier, and used, the small residues that, as the science, does not pose any danger. Or supposedly terrible smallpox epidemic disappeared due to the spread of personal hygiene and not at all from vseobhvatyvayuschey mandatory vaccination. And so on.  
Followers propaganda against vaccination using such "arguments" form sectarian associations, print books, lectures, for which they take money. These activities bring them good profit. A gullible parents who refuse vaccinations antivaktsinalnoy through such propaganda, feel a strong sense of guilt when their children are between life and death due to infectious diseases, which could be easily avoided by putting in time favorite daze completely safe vaccine
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