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In the modern world, this business and pragmatic, rarely is a place and time for romance. And yet, every woman, even if she is a real shark business or has any belt in karate, from time to time want to feel weak, gentle and infinitely romantic. Make it easy. Only need to change a business suit on a more feminine outfit. So, a few tips for creating a romantic image.  
ruffles and lace  
Fortunately greedy for ladies romance, ruffles and lace in our time in fashion, almost as much as a couple of centuries ago. So you poke your finger when you appear in a cloud of lace - no one will. Romantic look and dress with insets of lace. They can be both feminine and elegant.  
This piece wardrobe should be able to apply properly to not look vulgar. In combination with a blouse or a dress, corset can do wonders with a figure perfectly emphasizing the waist line and, therefore, making her more feminine, which, in fact, is itself romantic.  
Romantic Accessories  
One of the easiest ways to add a romantic image - select correct shawl or scharf. Agree that there is nothing more romantic and touching than a girl, wrapped in a long shawl with fringe or ladies in the small, casually elegant and tied a scarf.  
is best tuned to romance the girl, choose ballet flats or boat shoes. From high heels, perhaps, is to give up - they'll privilege who prefer other styles.  
complement the romantic image of a hat. They can be as small and broad. Will look well hats decorated with flowers or, in the appropriate situation, a small veil
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